MATCH Works for Businesses

Creating a healthier workforce through MATCH

MATCH Works for Businesses

MATCH increases profits by creating a healthier workforce!

MATCH students sustain weight improvements years later as they become young adults entering the workforce.

A leaner workforce reduces costs for self-insured companies, making business relocation more appealing when considering sites.

Decreased Medical Costs

Improved BMI for prospective employees save in medical costs from hospital stays, doctor's visits and prescription drug costs.

Increased Productivity

Healthier employees miss fewer work days, and are more productive than unhealthy workers.

Fewer Workman's Comp Claims

Healthier workers are less likely to be injured from physical job tasks.

Finkelstein et al Journal of Environmental Medicine
Volume 52, Number 10, October 2010

1A 3% shift in NC Adults from Overweight to Healthy Weight would result in a $3 Billion Annual savings in direct Medical Cost, Lost Productivity (presenteeism and absenteeism), and Workman’s Compensation.

MATCH produced a 15% change to healthy weight 4-year post intervention, as late teens prepare to enter the workforce.

1Tipping the Scales Report, BeActive NC 2012

"The Trust has made investment in MATCH for one key reason: it works.
Few programs have demonstrated this level of results for the investment."

- Jehan Benton-Clark - Former Senior Program Officer Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust