MATCH Works for Administrators

Transparency and Accountability

MATCH Works for Administrators

MATCH creates transparency and accountability for evidence-based decision-making!

MATCH provides a data warehouse at the fingertips of administrators. BMI Status, Fitness, and Health Behaviors reporting allow real-time analysis and disaggregation to monitor program fidelity and effectiveness.

The Bullying Report identifies students claiming to be bullied and allows school administrators opportunity for early intervention.

Tiered Accountability

MATCH tools provide transparency, and accountability at the implementation level.

Dashboard Pods

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) allow district and school administrators to quickly monitor real-time data.

Measures of Student Learning

Detailed reporting provides objective data documenting student achievement.

Features and Benefits

Detailed reporting provides objective data documenting student achievement.

  • Aligned with Education Standards
  • STEM Integration
  • SIOP for ESL
  • Minimal In-Kind Contribution
  • Improves Attendance
  • Increases Test Scores
  • Train the Trainer Model
  • School/District Level Reporting

MATCH Dashboard

Run Real-time Reports

"We have been extremely pleased with the manner in which MATCH fit into and supported our existing course content...
We believe MATCH will provide a lasting impact on our students and provide for healthier overall choices throughout their lives."

- David Lyndon, Executive Director of Secondary Education, Wilson County Schools