MATCH Works for SNAP-Ed Directors

A health outcomes-based program that WORKS!

MATCH Works for SNAP-Ed Directors

MATCH solves the problem of choosing the RIGHT program!

MATCH Wellness meets the mission of the FNS and goals and focus of SNAP-Ed. Choose the ONLY effective middle-school childhood obesity intervention producing consistent, sustainable results.

*See MATCH in the SNAP-Ed Resource Library*

Center TRT Approved

MATCH received the highest designation as "research-tested", ensuring that it meets FNS criteria as evidence-based.

*See Center TRT review*

Produces Results

MATCH produces significant zBMI improvements at one and four year follow-ups compared to controls

Effective Evaluation

MATCH provides State SNAP-Ed Directors with tools and reports to monitor outcomes to assess return on investment.

*See Evaluation and Logic Models at Center TRT*


MATCH Lessons follow the USDA's 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

"The students impacted by MATCH live in areas of our state with the highest poverty and greatest health disparity, and most obesogenic environments.

From our perspective, success here translates to success anywhere… Few programs have demonstrated this level of results for the investment."

Jennifer Zuckerman

Former Director of Strategic Partnerships The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation