MATCH Connect

Providing a foundation for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Health!

Unprecedented Times
The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused tremendous stress and strain on adolescents. The isolation of social distancing and personal loss of family and friends had an impact. Financial hardships associated with parental unemployment have led to the inability to provide basics including housing, utilities, food, transportation, and healthcare. Additionally, difficulties associated with remote instruction have resulted in unprecedented family stress.

What Teachers say about MATCH Connect:

"I don't have to beat the bushes to find or create materials... it's all done for us. The kids are really struggling now... they really need this...” - Sylvia Beckham, Seventy-First Classical Middle, Cumberland County.

“I really learned a lot about brain development, neurotransmitters and mental health.” - Doug Webb, Heritage Middle, Burke County.

"After translating the entire MATCH Connect™ Curriculum to Spanish, I knew this was EXACTLY what we need to be teaching our kids today... it really needs to be taught in high school too." - Elizabeth Barber, Spanish Teacher, Williamston High School, Martin County

MATCH Connect™ Comparison to CASEL Standards