Students learn about living healthfully and then they themselves help educate their family at home.
With MATCH's intuative design structure making it easy for everyone involved in the program - Everyone Benefits.

MATCH Works for ALL

MATCH uses an interdisciplinary educational structure with personalized assessments and metrics to reduce childhood obesity.

"MATCH has demonstrated effect on improving weight status of participants into the High School years, notably the only school-based intervention with such sustained effectiveness."

- Rear Admiral Penelope Slade-Sawyer - USPHS, Retired

SNAP-Ed Directors

MATCH meets the mission of the FNS and SNAP-Ed goals. Choose the ONLY effective middle-school childhood obesity intervention producing consistent, sustainable results.

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MATCH works for students by teaching students to make healthy choices when it comes to eating, physical activity and use of sedentary technology.

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MATCH was developed BY a teacher, for teachers. MATCH teaches educational objectives using wellness themes, without creating more for teachers "to do".

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MATCH works for administrators by providing a data warehouse at the fingertips of administrators. BMI Status, Fitness, Bullying and Health Behavior reporting allow real-time analysis to monitor program fidelity and effectiveness.

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MATCH works for Businesses by fostering a leaner workforce, reducing costs and increasing worker productivity.

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Foundations are choosing MATCH due to "consistent and sustainable" results in health outcomes producing positive returns on investment.

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"The Trust has made investment in MATCH for one key reason: it works.
Few programs have demonstrated this level of results for the investment."

- Jehan Benton-Clark - Former Senior Program Officer Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust