MATCH Works for Foundations

A health outcomes-based program that WORKS!

MATCH Works for Foundations

MATCH's health and obesity mission has measureable positive outcomes.

Increasing societal demands on charitable organizations require careful selection where investment dollars are most needed

Foundations are choosing MATCH due to "consistent and sustainable" results in health outcomes producing positive returns on investment.

Social Mission

MATCH Wellness successfully combats the single greatest threat to our nation’s youth…childhood obesity.

Measurable Outcomes

The MATCH Wellness data management system provides tools to project and monitor outcomes with measurable milestones along the way.

Leveraging Investments

Foundational partnerships combined with SNAP-Ed funding at state levels can strategically deliver MATCH Wellness to impact areas of greatest need.

A Healthy Active Communities grant from the BCBSNC Foundation
turned the old Williamston Middle School classroom into an Aerobics Center.

"The students impacted by MATCH live in areas of our state with the highest poverty and greatest health disparity, and most obesogenic environments.

From our perspective, success here translates to success anywhere… Few programs have demonstrated this level of results for the investment."

Jennifer Zuckerman

Former Director of Strategic Partnerships The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation